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HR Technology

Here’s the deal.

We continue to hear how technology is impacting us in our personal lives daily and we see that change accompanies those impacts. It is no different in running a business nor in Human Resources either. Technology opens new doors in processes, efficiencies, competitive advantage, or brand new businesses. And the Human Resources sector is one of the most heavily invested sector accompanied by significant new technologies completely changing how our business can be done. In HR, this is challenging our foundational processes in recruiting, compensation, engagement, benefits, and how/where the workforce does their work.

The EMERGING TECHNOLOGY section is comprised of vendors who I have had the privilege of knowing or seeing what they provide. It is Collective HR Solutions’ desire to keep this as fresh and timely as possible. Certainly, if there is a vendor you know of that is not listed here or on our Trending Technology section, please contact us at .

Disclaimer: The vendors listed here are categorized as Emerging Technology solutions by Collective HR Solutions, Inc. This is not an endorsement nor rating, but rather informational based on opinions. As the technologies become more commonplace, some vendors may move to the Trending HR Technology section.