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You have made a decision on a vendor and now it is time to put forth the effort into realizing your vision.  But we all know that the implementation project is just another item on your already crowded list of job responsibilities.  Collective HR Solutions is here to help, bring “sanity” to your world, and leverage our extensive experience with implementations to do the bulk of the work or augment staff to make your implementation efforts successful.

Project Implementation Roadmap

When you take a trip, you rarely leave without a roadmap of the route, where to stay, what to see, how to make the most of your “trip”. Well, implementations are like a road trip, lots of routes, diversions, considerations, and what to do. We can help you design the implementation roadmap that will allow you to allocate the right resources at the right times as you implement the vendor product modules.

Project Management

A project needs structure, communication, resources, timelines, and follow-up for actions to be taken. Even with the implementation approach of the SaaS vendors (over the phone, spreadsheets, video based training), having someone to oversee project progress is key to successfully implementing the product (vendors will tell you that as well). Collective HR Solutions can provide the oversight, representing your organization in key meetings, drive the tasks to completion, track action items to resolution, and bring your team to the table when needed.

Change Management

Anything new in the company needs some “marketing” and communication, especially if it impacts your workforce in processes or responsibilities. Collective HR Solutions provides a framework for change that includes communication (ongoing through the project to production), FAQ’s, feedback mechanisms, and measurements for adoption as you install your new platform in the company. The most indicated cause for a new system’s failure is the ability for the company to adopt the new processes and change management lessens the impact on change and increases the chances of 100% adoption.


Conversion is simply moving information from your old system or paper records to your new platform. But what is often forgotten, and Collective HR Solutions strongly advocates not overlooking, is what is termed Data Governance. Your opportunity to “clean up” and standardize HR information usage should be a by-product of any conversion effort. And if your information is coming from several old systems into a consolidated new platform, this is even more critical. As much as we concentrate on putting information into an HR system, it is the ability to extract it, report it, and analyze it is the REAL value of the HR information. And providing a consistent framework of standard definitions, calculations, and usage is the difference between providing ‘believable information” versus “questionable” data. Our approach to conversion includes the Data Governance effort and our tools support the documentation of that effort so information continues to be used in an appropriate manner for business decisions. Our tools provide a clear, documented path for information transference and transformation to your new platform.


Our conversion tools also serve as a means for moving information from your new platform to ancillary systems that are dependent on HR information or are the entry point for HR processes feeding into your new platform. Again, data standardizations are documented in the interfaces to ensure that your company has an enterprise Data Governance model for the HR information as you create new connect points for the data through interfaces.

Training and user guides

The SaaS systems today provide significant online assistance and documentation on how to use the system. But your changes through the implementation to accommodate your company processes are not supported until you overtly change the training “assists” and provide personalized (to you company) training guides. We can help you accomplish that under any media to ensure your end users are fully functioning on the platform.


You have developed the system, you understand how it works, and you have carefully overseen the various changes made. Now it is time to “turn it on” and road test it. This phase is often squeezed to make a deadline, and yet its importance is critical to adoption. Testing can serve many purposes; from just “exercising” the system through its processes, to testing user training/guides, socializing the system with small focus groups, and providing a sense of smoothing any rough edges in processes that may prove to be an obstacle in moving the system to the true end user. Collective HR Solutions can assist in generating formal test cases, assist in the actual testing, and guide the efforts around testing.

Post implementation assessment

Collective HR Solutions advocates performing a post implementation assessment with your users, usually within 6 months of implementation of any new module. Asking for feedback, analyzing adoption, addressing concerns quickly can mean the difference between a successfully used new platform and one that is deemed a “waste of time and money”. Our approach is to interview many segments of your user community, each representing different uses, skills, and need from your new system. We will assemble the topography of the adoption and make recommendations where needed to ensure continuing success with your new platform.