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HR Technology


Many organizations feel the “pain” when their Human Resources systems are more of an obstacle than a tool of useful information and efficiencies.  When the time comes to understand what is available, what vendor(s) might support your organizational and HR goals, and how technology platforms might open new opportunities for your workforce to be innovative, then that is the time to contact us about our assessment services.  You could Google HRMS systems, Talent Management, or other word combinations, and after pouring through hundreds, if not thousands of vendors who have paid to be at the top of a search, you can wisely turn to someone who can guide you through a process that will get you to the right vendor for your needs, budget, and time frames.

HR Technology Strategy

CIO’s will tell you that a technology strategy is critical to providing the correct platform for the many things your workforce will need to do their job. That is why we include the IT perspective into your HR needs, to leverage what is being done across the company the puts HR in the mainstream of your company’s overall direction. Whether you choose Software as a Service (SaaS) platform or not, your company technology plans will play an important part of your decision.

Business Objectives

HR serves the organization by providing the optimal resources in support of the business. We start with your company’s business objectives as a framework so that HR’s requirements will align to acquire, train, deploy, and retain the resources that will keep the company competitive.

Requirements Generation

To allow the organization to assess what is needed for solving current needs and prepare for future objectives, we develop a requirements document that covers the areas up for evaluation, incorporating the flexibility of current needs changing into future directions. We ensure that your needs are documented to reflect any nuances or uniqueness of your business that will allow vendors to respond correctly and appropriately.

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Vendor Evaluation

Our vendor Requests for Information (RFI) have been applauded by the vendor community as being in-depth, easy to understand, and much easier to respond to than standard templates used by other firms. We ask the vendors to answer with both current capabilities, capabilities allowed through partners, future capabilities (and when it will be available), or “custom capabilities”, so as we assess their ability to meet your requirements, you can be assured that your timeframes and critical needs are being handled with honesty and candor. And during this phase, we make ourselves available to the vendors for any clarification, freeing your team from calls from the vendor community. It has been said by many vendors participating in our evaluations, that Collective HR Solutions “levels the playing field” through its unbiased, structured, and carefully crafted process.

Because of our deep knowledge of the vendor community, we can create the “shortlist” of qualified vendors for both evaluation, and select a smaller subset to provide demonstrations of their capabilities. Again, the vendors find our process providing them guidance so that you, the client, will see functions that are critical for your assessment and explained to you as how it is accomplished (vendor or user controlled, complex, easy, etc.). We have a wonderful relationship with the vendor community because we respect the time they spend to ensure you understand and assess their product and services against your needs. The demonstrations are scripted against your RFI, with important areas highlighted for the demo. We don’t want to waste yours or the vendor’s time in high level, irrelevant “sales pitches”.

Vendor Selection

Upon a final determination of the right vendor to meet your needs, Collective HR Solutions will work with you in the overall project planning (along with the vendor and their implementation process) and costs associated with the vendor chosen. We can also provide support if a business case needs to be developed for the future investment versus the cost of doing business under your current framework.

Contract Negotiation

Having worked with a number of clients and vendors, Collective HR Solutions has seen many contracts. We can provide insights to terms and conditions that may not be standard, but can both provide you superb service and potentially save you money. These services, linked together, create the assessment service as a holistic continuum or can be used as individualized services if your organization has already proceeded down the assessment path.