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Review Council

Here’s the deal.

With the extensive personal network that Nov Omana has created, he has gathered individuals who have expressed an interest in viewing and becoming familiar with the HR Technology landscape, both new vendors and established ones with trending capabilities. Gathering for an hour of demonstration, questions, and insightful feedback from the audience, the Technology Review Council (TRC) has helped over 50 vendors in the last year to gain knowledge about their solutions and what resonates with the consumer audience. These participants range from CHRO, CIO, and CFO through all levels of HRIT and HR Professionals with one goal of knowing what the future holds.

Please considering joining this unique group, there are no membership fees, no obligations to attend, and all sessions are recorded and linked in this page if you miss something you want to view. Come and visit us on occasion for new recorded TRC sessions. (We will never sell our TRC to anyone, so rest assured we respect your privacy).

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