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Vendors of software and services newly entering the HR industry with innovative approaches of solving current and even potential future problems. This group represents some of the most cutting edge thinking of the HR community and will definitely change the way the workforce and HR evolve in the future.

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Promoting HR solutions and services that shape the future of HR.

  • Looking to increase Brand awareness?
  • Interested in expanding your marketing dollar reach?
  • Committed to expand the reach of your blogs?
  • Wondering what the rest of the HR Technology space looks like?
  • Wish you could get product feedback from exec level HR professionals?
  • Need access to decision makes at various levels?
  • Want access to white papers, reference material, blogs or professional publications from leading and emerging technology vendors to build your awareness?


MapHR and our network of partners can help.

Join our HR Technology revolution

Contact us at:
650 212 2009

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