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Social networks and Virtual environments enable organizations to provide new and innovative programs to an increasingly dispersed workforce.  Our immersive learning experiences stimulate innovation, engagement, and build effective team dynamics, leadership, and enterprise communication.

Kudos to Daniel Burrus, Technology Futurist and leading author, who sees the potential in this approach to reach the mobile, young, engaged workforce.

Social Network Assessment

We can assist you in understanding what social structure your culture supports; is it top down communication, two-way at all levels, or a collaborative environment.  Different technologies will support your enterprise in new communication patterns that may do away with internal emails and change the way the workforce interacts.  We understand the vendor community and help you make the right cultural and technology decision for the future.  And, like our other Technology Assessment programs, we are in a position to assist you in the implementation and change management of one of the most impactful implementations you will make for your organization.


Virtual Environments

Collective HR Solutions has been in the virtual environments for over 5 years, watching and experimenting with its powerful, visual and immersive capabilities.  We have designed and executed training programs that are engaging, developed collaborative environments that will astound you in their beauty and usefulness, onboarded new employees using virtually delivered information, created corporate communication that is innovative and impactful, used the environments to simulate disaster planning exercises, and created social environments that will preparation your organization to meet the new workforce in manners that will coalesce with their personal social interactions.