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I Like The Color Blue – Dotin

By August 2, 2019No Comments

My first encounter with Dotin was a phone call with Ganesh Iyer, asking me to send him 10 images/pictures of things I like.  I smiled, thinking, this will be a GREAT test.  So I sent sci-fi pictures (I grew up on it), pics of grand kids, movie poster of the Magnificent Seven, and waited for the results.  A day later I got the output, and thinking of my college days, I thought a 3rd party review would be the litmus test.  So I printed the profile, did not read it, and handed to my wife of over 40 years (I think that qualified her to be a pretty good judge).  She got through half the report, looked at me, and said “Did you write this about yourself?”  I dashed from the room, yelling over my shoulder, I need to find out the magic behind this system.

And that was the beginning of watching Dotin grow into a significant differentiator in placing individuals into the RIGHT situation, be that of a new hire, or a member of a team, or looking for the next job movement within the company to keep the sense of career development alive.

The validation of the process continues to show that Dotin has hit upon a manner to accurately assess individuals in the easiest and shortest time, allowing for mass processing of resumes and helping move “time to fill” to new levels of speed.

Take a moment to use this link ( to “take the test”, print out the results and then watch our Technology Review Council session recording: