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Ben Geoghegan Podcast – 9/22/19

By October 1, 2019No Comments

Ben Geoghegan is a business owner, a former HR consultant, a podcast producer, and now my new best friend!

Ben and I connected on LinkedIn, we learned we had similar interests, and he asked me if he could interview me on my background, my thoughts around HR Technology, and the future of HR.  Little did he know, he let the “genie out of the bottle” and as the saying goes, you can’t get it back in!  And in the case of the podcast, I am SOLD on how powerful a tool this can be, such that I will go “bug” him to do another one with me.

Ben’s style of interviewing was conversational, and we simply talked (although he did prepare on some general questions he would ask).  His style is relaxed, he can and did probe for clarification on a few points I made in the interview, and he asked sidebar questions as a result of something I mentioned.  He is agile in his questioning, makes you feel like you are talking with a friend, and does make the subjects entertaining with some of the anecdotal items he brings up through the conversation.

Anyone looking to grow their brand through podcasts and articulation of their knowledge would do well to seek out Ben and his podcasts.  Whether you participate in them or simply listen, it will be an enjoyable and informative time.

Have a listen via the link:  and then let me know what you think at