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So, how are you feeling today?

By October 1, 2019No Comments

The Technology Review council recently viewed a new platform called Humaxa, presented by Carolyn Peer, CEO and Co-founder.  The platform is a chat-based environment, designed specifically to connect with a worker and prompt, through a series of questions, to determine if the worker has any questions, concerns, or feelings needing to be addressed.

The premise is based on making sure that the entire workforce is engaged, has proper knowledge and tools to be at their optimum, if finding a need to remedy a problem (like a broken device/laptop) route that immediately to the appropriate individual for resolution, or even something as simple as a worker feeling they are not being appreciated.

The chatbots can inquire and respond to a number of worker related inquiries and answer or alert someone that there is a problem, be it work or even personally related.  This platform has a great opportunity to be extensible across the entire enterprise for all manner of needs from the workers or even the customers.

The TRC group did probe the areas of worker data privacy and the need to have personalized information to actually help an individual, but the platform is designed so the worker does not have to identify themselves at the very detailed level.  However, in talking with Carolyn, this touches on one of the most volatile areas in HR: worker rights versus having the detailed information attributed to a person so that an organization can assist.  But the platform does an amazing job of aggregating and tracking general enterprise trends and presenting that on a dashboard that hold a wealth of information about the workforce.

I foresee that the data privacy rights will have to be addressed to make platforms like Humaxa more viable in addressing all levels of worker concerns, but that is not just the vendor’s problem to solve but more HR’s and the companies problem.  Personally I see it as an opportunity to bring great things to the worker even though the detailed information is very personal.  But that thinking will be presented in another blog.

In the meantime, check out Humaxa on this link to the TRC recorded session: