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Is “being innovative” disruptive?

By September 4, 2010September 23rd, 2014No Comments

I like to follow Patrick Lencioni of The Table Group (  He is the author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and Getting Naked, two really great reads. Sign up to receive periodic emails about Patrick’s “Point of View” on interesting topics.

A recent POV Patrick posted was on “Rethinking Innovation” ( Some highlights I picked up……

At its core, most executives simply want employees to do what they are being asked to do in the most enthusiastic, professional way possible. Is “innovation” really valued? Perhaps at senior levels or within key positions, but it could be just as disruptive if everyone is asked to be “innovative”.

Most organizations need far more people to be dutiful, enthusiastic, and consistent in their work than innovative or creative. Innovation can actually hurt being consistent.

“Creatonomy” – the notion of being creative and autonomous may be a better focus for most contributors within an organization. Being responsible for your work, being great at what you do is more valuable.

“Innovation” must be done within the boundaries of acceptable change, and is a primary focus for senior leadership.

Check out Patrick’s full post on this topic. What do you think?