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Keeping You Informed

By September 23, 2014No Comments

As we move into the fall season, in the world of HR that means Open Enrollment, Year-end preparation, BUDGETS, and planning for 2015, I wanted to take a moment to bring you up to date on Collective HR Solutions.

We had a successful year in 2013, with continuing growth into 2014. Significant enough for us to move from an LLC to Collective HR Solutions, INC. Our sincere thanks to our clients and partners for this milestone.

And, I am pleased to “hint” that our website is undergoing a facelift in recognition of these changes along with a change in our marketing approach. When the website is launched, we will make another announcement and I encourage you to visit us and let me know your thoughts on its uniqueness and impact. I have always welcomed candid feedback on anything we do.

As a company, our growth continues from the many evaluations and implementations of HCM systems we are engaged in. I have talked about and continue to experience a significant amount of activity as clients assess their need for flexible, scalable, and cost effective technology. As businesses demand agility, so must our architecture support that, especially in Human Resources, with the mobile, global, and demanding workforce we are entrusted to motivate.

We will also keep you informed of the newest in technology “discoveries” as we continue to interact and understand what the vendor community is offering and the directions they are taking to remain competitive.

I have been asked to present a number of times this year across many venues, from keynote to moderator on a panel, and I am always excited to discuss the means in which technology continues to show up in very non-traditional ways. In fact, all my recent presentations start with a quote (proudly, I have coined): “Today, it is no longer an HR TECHNOLOGY industry that we must understand – but rather the Technology that impacts HR.”    The tremendous leaps in technology that are showing up in our personal lives ARE making their way into the workplace, and with good reason. They are intuitive, helpful, put us in control of our environment, and keep us connected. Is that any different than what we want when we are at “work”, wherever that may be?

So, inside this issue and subsequent issues, and within our new website, you will find a wealth of information on what is being presented at different events, but also when or how to access it (if the event passed). I would ask that you consider attending these events if possible, both to obtain new perspectives (we have had some GREAT panelists in our presentations) and to interact with us (I continue to learn in talking with all of you).

You will also see some new opportunities to express your opinions. As you will notice in the next section, we are asking you to participate in a unique approach to helping gather information AND assist in making a decision. This is only one example in which we are forming a community of expertise and opinion to help us all learn – call it a “crowd sourcing” approach to gathering trends and information. There is much more to come in this arena.


As always, we are here to assist in whatever manner you need; whether it is information, services, pointing you in a direction of new trends, or just to ask “if we have ever seen this problem before”. It is our network that is the foundation on which Collective HR Solutions has been built. If we can’t readily answer it, we probably know someone who can. So just contact us at or 650/341-5067.


What is the most meaningful method to measure Employee Engagement?

Over the last few weeks, my email has been overflowing with surveys, articles, and LinkedIn posts regarding how important Employee Engagement is a Human Resources initiative. I continue to see such VARIED opinions on how HR truly measures whether their population is engaged. Is it goals being met under a performance management program, is it a drop in absenteeism, is the turnover rate an indicator, or is it something else?

So, in conjunction with our partners at Inqiri, using their very innovative collective intelligence application, we are launching an “inqiri” to gather your perspectives on the most effective techniques to foster employee engagement. Your participation will assist us in identifying and rating multiple employee engagement techniques, allowing us to frame the results from YOUR point of view.

Trust me, you will find the inqiri experience VERY different. Inqiri is a collaborative decision-making technique and is unlike any other “survey” you may have taken in the past. Of course, we will publish the results when we complete the inqiri. Please use this link to participate,

Survey: inqiri 212 – What are the best techniques for engaging your employees?