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Kicking the tires at HR Tech

By October 17, 2014No Comments

Now I know what is going through your mind: Used cars, literally kicking tires, and test drives.  Well, close, but this is about the IHRIM upcoming webinar, Kicking the tires at HR Technology.

Movie Trailer Version: “SEE three IHRIM compadres, wandering the exhibit floor with no food or water; discussing new technology, visiting vendors, collecting Tchotchkes; armed only with their Smartphone and their wits, battling the onslaught of solutions for every problem known to HR”. Intrigued?  Well you should be, since I have seen many LinkedIn posts about the conference, but not with this storyline.  And WAIT for the sequel….

Date:  October 29, 2014

Time: 12:00 noon – 1:00 pm ET

Register here:

Kicking the tires at HR Technology   

IHRIM crew at HR Tech

IHRIM crew at HR Tech

IHRIM is participating at the HR Technology® Exposition in Las Vegas, NV and we are bringing back our thoughts on today’s HR technology market and what’s in store for 2015.

After our own conference and expo in June, we provided our IHRIM audience a webinar focusing on what people saw or didn’t see in the Expo Hall in Anaheim, CA.  As we wrap up 2014, IHRIM has asked a few of our members attending HR Tech in Las Vegas to walk the trade show floor, kick the tires of the products shown and meet with other attendees to learn what they are looking for – and bring that timely information back to our IHRIM audience.

Join us for a special, complimentary to all webinar, as Lynne Mealy, HRIP, engages our panelists in sharing their insights from the HR Technology Conference.  Hear their thoughts on what were the top technology trends, what people are looking to purchase over the next 18 months, and what would be on their personal wish list for 2015.   Panelists include Jeremy Ames, HRIP, President, Hive Tech HR, Nov Omana, HRIP, CEO/Founder, Collective HR Solutions and Steve Secora, HRIP, Sr HRIS Manager, International Game Technology.

JOIN US or look for it at your favorite theatre just in time for the holidays…..

Just my two cents…..